Vidde choose Skellefteå Kraft as energy partner

Vidde choose Skellefteå Kraft as energy partner

Electricity is key for powering en electric snowmobile and what is better than partnering with a energy partner delivering renewable energy power.

Kristine Lium


Published 27 Mar 2023

“In Skellefteå Kraft, we find a partner who wants to be part of driving the transition to a sustainable society with 100% renewable energy”  says Christian Lystrup, CEO


Vidde partner with Skellefteå Kraft 

Vidde Snow Mobility, which is building the future’s sustainable electric snowmobiles, has chosen Skellefteå Kraft as a partner.

In March, the first prototype of a completely new type of snowmobile, powered by electricity and with a significantly longer lifespan than the old fossil-fueled snowmobiles, will be built. The perception of snow transport will change with Vidde, which offers quiet and completely emission-free snowmobiles.

“To succeed with our vision of offering sustainable electric snowmobiles, a network of reliable suppliers who also share Vidde’s vision of the future is required. In Skellefteå Kraft, we find a partner who wants to be part of driving the transition to a sustainable society with 100% renewable energy. Skellefteå Kraft takes responsibility as one of the country’s largest energy companies, and they have local roots in Norrland, just like Vidde. Together, we want to create the right conditions for a sustainable transition using renewable energy in Norrland,” says Christian Lystrup, CEO of Vidde.

For Skellefteå Kraft, the partnership is proof of the belief that the transition must take place together in partnership.

The transition to renewable electricity is crucial for a sustainable societal transition. “With renewable energy, we can drive the transition, among other things, through electrified transportation and vehicles. The partnership means that we work together to map out how this transition will work for the end-user and to leverage Skellefteå Kraft’s expertise to find future solutions,” says Sanna Lundström, Head of Business Area Marketing at Skellefteå Kraft.

“In order to be successful in transitioning to sustainable life on the mountain, it is important to have more actors working to create extended charging possibilities, not only on the roads but also throughout the whole transport network. Here we see increased strength in joining forces with more parties who truly understand the premises,” says Christian Lystrup, CEO of Vidde.

Charger installation at the cabin

Creating new charging opportunities for all electric vehicles. Photo cred: Charge Amps



About Vidde

Vidde is a Swedish-produced, electrically powered sustainable snowmobile.

7% of the emissions from transport in Norrland come from snowmobile driving.

Vidde is a Swedish entrepreneurial company based outside Skellefteå and is part of the green transition underway in northern Sweden.

Vidde wants to contribute to reducing emissions by electrifying the snowmobile. The circular vision is to minimize the total footprint of each unit throughout the product’s entire lifespan. Vidde does this by focusing on maximizing the product’s active lifespan, expanding usage areas, and ensuring that each component aspires to a second life.