Opinon article on need for regulations

Opinon article on need for regulations

There's not a lot of regulations pushing the transition forward when it comes to snowmobiles. On our agenda is new technique and future adaptive solutions to create hope for years of winter fun to come.

Kristine Lium


Published 06 Mar 2023

How can we drive change without strong regulatory structures? We make a collaborative effort sharing the development between privat companies, people’s engagement and call on the the regulating authorities to join our journey. 


In this debate article published in Dagens Industri 2023-02-24 our CEO Christian Lystrup highlights the importance of making the winter vacation, Sportlovet, a lasting experience. Vidde want’s to contribute in making the winter a place for us to enjoy nature, activity and socialisation for years to come.

We need to make that change together.

Read the opinion piece here: Sportlovet the next Swedish Export