CEO Letter 2022

CEO Letter 2022

Our first year is coming to an end and we finalise it with adding FRANKenstein to our list of milestones

Kristine Lium


Published 23 Dec 2022

2022 is coming to an end, the year when Vidde turned into a highly vibrant startup! The interest for electrifying snowmobiles is proving to be at the core of Swedish industrial pride. I believe it is a combination of our vehicle knowledge and a vision to change our outlook for the future that brings this enthusiasm and passion of re-establishing ourselves as a snowmobile producing nation. Whatever the trigger, the result is that great companies and resources contact Vidde every day to see if there are things they can bring to the table in order for the company to succeed!

We’re just overwhelmed with gratitude!  


Milestones 2022

🌟 Vidde getting the Vidde name! Read more about on our site:

🌟 Appointing RISE and our team of specialists to set the fundamental concept. 

🌟 Getting our first large order from the biggest ski destination operator in the Nordics, Skistar.  

💪 Reaching 100 paid pre-orders

💪Receiving funds from early investors, the region of Västerbotten, EU, ALMI to kick it all off.  

📍Started the construction of our prototype – Our very own FRANKenstein

📍Defining the user opportunities and creating the first concept of what will become Vidde Snowmobiles (more info to be shared soon)

📍Story in Dagens Industri and NyTeknik


Ramping up! We are ready for 2023

📍Keep the momentum going and continue to prove that we are able to stay on track also for the next steps in our development.

📍Strengthening our internal team and signing new strategic cooperations (more info to come soon)

📍FRANK to be tested, evaluated and moved into the next phase, Pre-series, expected to be ready for customer partner testing during late 2024


… and so much more 


Finally, we at the Vidde Team will take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that you get to enjoy some precious time with your loved ones. 


See you in 2023!


//Christian CEO and the team at Vidde